Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose your apps?

We are dedicated to bringing you apps that we believe are the BEST for collaboration and communication, including those for educators and small businesses. As such, we only review apps with innovative features and those that add value to your business.

We do not rush to just update our list with new apps added to the stores if they’re not helpful. It’s better for us to showcase a shortlist of the most useful free apps within our focus categories than having a list of so many useless apps.

We’re picky with the apps we review to ensure we bring you value and help save your time.

How often do you update your reviews?

We update our reviews every day. This isn’t something we do for the sake of it but have made it our full-time job. We keep tabs on the changes in the app-world in the different platforms and update you with what we learn daily. If it’s worth knowing, rest assured that you will hear it from us.

Are your reviews genuine?

Yes, all our reviews are genuine and based on our own experiences with the apps. We do not feature paid reviews.

We take time to use an app, experience it, and learn its flaws if any, and the best features it brings to the table. We then write comprehensive and unbiased reviews based on our experiences with the apps.

Who can benefit from the apps you have reviewed?

Any small business and educator will benefit from our reviews of free apps for communication and collaboration. We provide value bound to solve your problems and take your business to the next level.

Our community of business app junkies is growing like a blaze and we would like to have you as one of us. You’re welcome to make your contributions through comments and sharing your thoughts on our website.


Our mission is to provide the most accurate and useful app reviews for educators and small businesses to enhance communications and collaborations in their businesses.


Our vision is to become the most trusted online review company for small businesses and educators with the most comprehensive database of reviewed free apps on the internet.

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