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Bai Board!

The top app reviewer platform. We review free apps for communication and collaboration, including those meant for small businesses and educators.

We’ve been in the industry long enough to know what different users look for in their ideal free apps. We screen various apps and test them to provide you with a list of the most useful applications for various situations.

We Review Apps Specifically For Educators, Small Businesses, and Collaboration and Communication.

Unlike other app review sites, we focus on top free apps specifically for educators, small businesses, and collaboration and communication. Our goal is to help you save time when looking for the best free apps for your given needs.

Access to up to date information

new apps are being added to the market every hour. This means that what might be hot and trendy right now may not be so the next day or the next hour.

All operating systems reviewed

are you an IOS die-hard or would you rather work with Android? Or, are you stuck with tablets and personal computers, and want an app that works on the web too?

Comprehensive reviews

we thoroughly filter the Android, IOS, and web app market to bring to you comprehensive reviews. We provide lists of all the best free apps you can find in the market for collaboration and communication, educators, and small businesses.

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